Shipping to EU


If you are interested in buying our products from abroad, particulary from most EU countries, please use the table below to calculate the price of shipping.


Transport is realized by UPS company, unfortunately without the possibility of sending products "cash on delivery" (this excludes Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary).


After we recieve an order, you will be issued with "pro-forma invoice" with our bank accounk number in international IBAN format. Payment needs to be realized initially, in EURO or via PayPal.


Please keep in mind that these products are assigned for SK or CZ distribution and warranty certificates are in this language.


For any further questions you can reach us anytime by email ( or phone (+421 917 133 662).


Below are approximate prices. For your calculation, please contact us on with your location.


If you want to make an order from Czech Republic or Poland, please use our local websites:

for more info about our producs in EU visit

If you are interested in purchasing our products from EU or EEA countries and you are an end customer, contact us for detailed information. Due to the higher shipping costs, it would be more efficient to get in touch with our distributors in you region.

If you represent a company or heating technology store and are interested in cooperation, contact Ms. Chobotova ( and we'll be glad to offer you our wholesale prices and your personal account on
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