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Hewalex has over 30 years of experience – from vision to leading manufacturer.


What distinguishes our company is the innovative production technology as well as care for the highest quality and efficiency of products in our offer. We continually improve our products to meet the high expectations of our Customers.


HEWALEX for many years has been holding the leading position among global producers and providers of Renewables. It specifically refers to the production of flat plate solar collectors, whose production, in the early 90s, brought dynamic development of the company.



Solar energy - highest efficiencyenvironmental protectionlowest costshighest efficiency

Solar energy is the fuel that powers our appliances and source of our technological development from the very beginning. Solar energy enables solar collectors to deliver cheap and clean heat, and photovoltaic modules to produce electricity. Heat pumps operate using the heat which surrounds us everywhere we are.

30 years of continous development – from vision to a leading manufacturer

Hewalex was established 30 years ago, long before the renewable energies` market started to develop in Poland. We had a vision that in the future the traditional fuel should be changed to clean, renewable energy – both for economic reasons and to protect the environment. From the very beginning, our priority was to produce high quality and high efficiency solar thermal collectors, which have first been sent to foreign, Western European markets. Nowadays we have our specialized staff of almost 200 qualified people and the experience we gained over the years. We participate in various, innovative investments as well as contribute to international R&D projects related to, for example, solar cooling of buildings.

A leading Polish manufacturer with a strong position on European markets

Hewalex is a leader in Poland in terms of sales of solar thermal collectors, as well as solar equipment and heat pumps. According to IEO report (Institute for Renewable Energy, which monitors Polish solar energy market), Hewalex ranks first in sales of solar thermal collectors. Our products are present and well known in most European countries, with a significant market share in some of them.

Innovative production technologies

First solar collectors in Poland were produced in the late 80s and early 90s, as non-series production. Development of technology and growing market needs brought innovation and advanced production technologies. In Hewalex we adopt those technologies as well as create our own methods and machinery. Our company was the first in Poland to introduce ultrasonic welding as well as laser welding.

Nowoczesne technologie produkcji

Our offer at the beginning of the 1990s – solar thermal collectors and solar systems

Oferta firmy Hewalex

Our current offer

Our offer includes: flat plate solar thermal collectors, vacuum tube solar thermal collectors, water heaters for hot domestic water, universal heaters (type „combo”) for central heating support, pumping groups, controllers, monitoring systems, mounting kits for solar collectors, fittings and other solar equipment. Moreover we offer heat pumps suitable for heating hot domestic water as well as for heating buildings.

Hewalex - our offer

Innovative and R&D projects


We have long experience in designing and production of systems and appliances based on solar energy. We participate in R&D projects such as SunCool, which uses solar thermal collectors for cooling. Such system was installed in an industrial facility in Karlstad, Sweden. 130 solar collectors with nominal cooling power of 40kW are characterized by high COP efficiency equal 10,6, which means that 1kW of electricity produces 10,6 kW of cool. First year of operation shows that growth of efficiency is possible. The collectors created in the project are combination of flat plate and vacuum tube solar collectors, which use the features of lithium bromide in the process of cooling. The collectors as well as complete laboratory platforms were produced in our facility, in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

Innowacje i projekty badawczo-rozwojowe

More than 150.000 systems installed in Poland and abroad

Over the years our products have been installed in various buildings: small houses, large apartment buildings as well as offices, hotels, industrial facilities, schools and universities, sports halls, swimming pools and many others. Solar thermal systems and heat pumps are used in small and large heating systems.

Hewalex - realizacje

A few facts about us:

  • 30 years of experience
  • Solar collectors and solar equipment manufacturer with the longest history in Poland
  • Leading manufacturer of solar thermal collectors and heat pumps
  • High technical standards of products confirmed by presence in over 40 European markets
  • R&D and design facilities, suitable also for individual projects
  • Participation in GREENEVO project, which supports Polish, innovative businesses in foreign markets
  • Participation in international R&D projects
  • Cooperation and partnership with many recognized construction companies as well as designers and trading companies
  • Customer care service and good warranty conditions
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Audits according to national standards: e.g. French or Northern American


52 položiek celkom
Solárna nerezová dvojrúra, vlnovec BiSolar (Typ Solárna nerezová dvojrúra, vlnovec BiSolar DN16, 2 x 16 m)
od 491,16 €

DN16, L= 16m a 25mDN20  L= 25m  / s káblom a s izoláciou PES o...

Solárny kolektor plochý AlCu so štrukturálnym antireflexným sklom (Typ Solárny kolektor plochý AlCu so štrukturálnym antireflexným sklom KS2100F TLP ACR 1,82 m²)
od 445,92 €

- typ KS2100F TLP ACR 1,82 m² alebo  KS2600F TLP ACR 2,36 m² (vysoká optická...

Solárny kolektor plochý AlCu so štrukturálnym sklom (Typ Solárny kolektor plochý AlCu so štrukturálnym sklom KS2100F TLP AC 1,82 m²)
–0 %
od 381,48 €

- typ KS2100F TLP AC  1,82 m² alebo KS2600F TLP AC  2,36 m²( optická účinnosť 75,3%) 

85491 cidlo teploty pre solarny kolektor
6 €

- snímač teploty s teflonovým káblom 3m, odolný aj voči UV žiareniu

85494 cidlo teploty pre solarny zasobnik
–0 %
3,12 €

- snímač teploty s káblom 3m, odolný do 110°C

Doplnkové spoje pre pripojenie solárnej nerezovej dvojrúry BiSolar (Typ vsuvka 3/4" pre DN16)
od 8,40 €

- vsuvka pre DN16 - vonkajší závit 3/4"- reduckia pre DN20 - 1" x 3/4"

85938 elektricka spirala 2 kw ku zasobnikom okc
119,76 €

Elektrická špirála o výkone 2 kW ku zásobníkom OKC pripojenie: 6/4" (1 1/2")...

85389 elektronicky prietokomer pre gh 26
80,04 €

- meria tepelnú účinnosť solárneho zariadenie, vyrovnáva výnosy tepla v priebehu...

85389 elektronicky prietokomer pre gh 26
80 €

- meria tepelnú účinnosť solárneho zariadenie, vyrovnáva výnosy tepla v priebehu...

85431 o kruzok viton solar
–0 %
O- krúžok VITON solar
Skladom (2 bal.)
9,12 €

- slúži ako tesnenie  pre pripojenie solárneho kolektora     ...

Pripojovacia sada pre solárnu nerezovú dvojrúru BiSolar (Typ pre DN16)
od 3,48 €

-pre DN16, DN20: 1x mosadzná tvarovka, 1x tesnenie HT, 1x spojené polprstence 

85485 regulacia gh 26
Regulácia GH 26
Skladom (1 ks)
204,12 €

- poskytuje plnú podporu solárnej inštalácie vo väčšine bežných konfigurácií

85488 regulator minisol
–18 %
Regulátor MiniSOL
Skladom (4 ks)
120 €

- pre jednoduchý solárny systém,  najvhodnejšie pre rodinné domy

85458 rucna pumpa na plnenie solarnych systemov
–20 %
80,64 €

- pre naplnenie nemrznúcej kvapaliny, objem 3L   

85392 solarna cerpadlova jednotka alex
–22 %
392,04 €

- navrhnutá pre menšie solárne inštalácie s plochou kolektorov do 10m2 

85374 solarna cerpadlova jednotka s2 solar 3
562,80 €

- vhodná pre vyšší počet kolektorov nad 10 m2

85386 solarna cerpadlova riadiaca jednotka zps 18e 01 eco
–15 %
795,12 €

- kompaktná čerpadlová riadiaca jednotka so zabudovanou reguláciou G422, pre...

zostavy obr
–28 %
1 979,80 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP AC 1,82m² + 250L zásobník 

zostava M TLPAC200
–20 %
od 2 421,43 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP AC 1,82m² + 200L zásobník + manuálna regulácia ECO +...

zostava S TLPAC200
+ Darček zdarma
–20 %
od 2 204,70 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP AC 1,82m² + 200L zásobník + regulácia cez smartfón +...

zostava S TLPAC250
+ Darček zdarma
–20 %
od 2 263,01 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP AC 1,82m² + 250L zásobník + regulácia cez smartfón +...

zostava M TLPACR200
–20 %
od 2 529,48 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP ACR 1,82m² + 200L zásobník + manuálna regulácia ECO +...

zostava S TLPACR200
–20 %
od 2 312,76 €

- 2x kolektor KS2100F TLP ACR 1,82m² + 200L zásobník + regulácia cez smartfón +...

zostava M TLPAC250 v
Akcia + Darček zdarma
–20 %
od 2 587,80 €

- 2x kolektor KS2600F TLP AC 2,36m² + 250L zásobník + manuálna regulácia ECO +...

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